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First Point Guard Brunch Launches New SeasonThe first Point Guard Brunch was held on October 29th at the Founders Lounge in the BJC.  The Brunch was very well attended by club members and the program featured Coach Chambers and special guest speaker, NCAA referee, Joe Palacz.  Penn State sophomore player, John Harrar was also interviewed by emcee Steve Jones. Coach Chambers provided a thorough preview of the team for the upcoming season and also reviewed the team’s and individual player’s performances in a recent scrimmage with Temple.

Even though this year is not a rules change year for NCAA basketball, Joe discussed rules that the NCAA has instructed refs to emphasize this year and game situations that officials should look for during the upcoming season.  He answered lots of situational questions asked by the members and provided a valuable insight into a referee’s point of view on officiating college basketball games.

First Point Guard Brunch Launches New Season

Reminder:   The next Point Guard Brunch will be held next Tuesday, November 13th and will feature Coach Chambers and we will have a special guest speaker, Dick Jerardi, the Color Commentator on the Penn State Radio Network.